Tuesday, August 15, 2017

WoT Blitz: LTTB Tank

The LTTB is one of my favorite tanks to use in battle in WoT Blitz. A wise player can take advantage of the LTTB’s speed. Coupled with battle field awareness and team members location the best use of the LTTB getting it into position to hit the enemy’s weaker side; the flank. Players planning to use the LTTB should not get too much hope on the vehicles armour. Frontal armour is thinker than the side however it is still thin a direct hit from a KV2 for example could result to total destruction.

Gun depression is only 3 Degrees, hitting those enemy tanks may sometimes be difficult specially when the tanks is sitting on a small hump on the terrain; a slight maneuvering and repositioning should however compensate for this lacking. Accuracy when shooting while on the move on rough terrains is a problem because it lacks the gun stabilization feature.

The question that many players ask is, is the LTTB worth purchasing? I would say yes even with the 3 degrees gun depression and light armour the LTTB is very useful and capable of delivering a heavy damage. I find it fun to use in scouting the battle field and being able to quickly get to cover when spotted. Because of the speed, I am able to increase my distance from enemy tank very quickly, reposition and re-engage the target from the side. If getting away fast is not possible the LTTB has a fast turret turn and small turning radius. The up close and personal moments can be won by outmaneuvering the opponent to quickly go behind where the amour is thinner.

Here’s a quick VIDEO  of my LTTB train-up.